PYA Sports awards

Rob Maeske
Posing with the girls and boys coaches’ trophy are Caitlin Wunder and Brennan Prather.

The Penn Yan Athletic Department held it’s Drive-Thru Awards Distribution last Tuesday evening from 5 p.m.–8 p.m. in the Penn Yan Academy parking loop off Liberty Street. The Distribution event was a follow-up to Penn Yan’s 54th Annual Sports Awards ceremony, which was presented digitally on June 1 due to current restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Athletes and their parents were invited to drive through the Liberty Street loop to pick up their physical awards, talk with coaches and take pictures. The loop was divided into various stations split up by sport. Students were assigned hour blocks to come pick up their awards, with ten students in each hour block. A vibrant Mustang backdrop was set up in the center of the loop for athletes to get pictures taken with coaches and family.

Despite the untraditional design of the awards ceremony and distribution, the weather was a bright Summer evening and the mood among athletes, coaches and parents was joyous and friendly. 

Said Penn Yan School District Athletic Director Jon MacKerchar, “For our 2020 graduates, our 54th Annual Sports Awards ceremony had to be different and it had to be special. We were fortunate enough to have our coaches put together a video, to have something online, but with the Drive-Thru ceremony we were able to get a view of the kids and have them see their coaches again for the last time, have them get their awards and have some sort of celebration.

“Community comes together when something like this happens,” MacKerchar continued. “To pull something like this off, I just have to give kudos to my assistant Missy Emery because without her help these things don’t get done. I think it was a very special event and I’m just happy that we were able to celebrate those seniors who will be leaving us and all our award winners, especially those kids in Spring sports who didn’t get to have a season this year.” Selected awards from the ceremony included:

 Senior Plaques were given to: Kayla Andersen, Kyle Berna, Chase Blumbergs, Jason Bogart, Hanna Brodmann, Logan Broome, Triana Burgos-Farnan, Reid Castner, Mackenzie Chapman, Aysa Crocker, Jenna Curbeau, Jonathan Droney, Genevieve Elliot, Brandee Ellis, Madison Flynn, Andrew Garren, Taylor Hight, Brian Hollister, Mariah Hoover, Sydney Hulse, McKelvie Jensen, Jeffrey Kinyoun, Austin Meredith, Leah Moniot, Ryan Moon, Peter Nicholson, Brendan Pinckney, Brennan Prather, Onalia Sheradin, Serina Sheradin, Ashley Sisson, Colton Smith, Alexia Strong, Camryn Webber, Rachel Wheeler, Allison Winslow, Grace Worth and Caitlin Wunder.

P.Y.A. Athletics Sportsmanship Awards were given to: Taylor Snyder/Addyson Webber (Fall Cheerleading), James Tette/Ayden Mowry (Boys Cross Country), Jaina Doyle/Adrianna Rodriguez (Girls Cross Country), Kyle Berna/Brennan Prather (Football), Kevin Smith/Clayton Koivuniemi (Golf), Paulo Martinez-Sanchez/Christian Reinard (Boys Soccer), Morgan Anderson/Keuka Miranda-Wiltberger (Girls Soccer), Molly Pullen/Abigail Garvey (Girls Tennis), Serina Sheradin/Hanna Brodmann (Volleyball), Andrew Garren/Austin Meredith (Boys Basketball), Samantha Lane-Tomion/Ashley Sisson (Girls Basketball), Kayla Olsen/Paisley Jones (Winter Cheerleading), Trenton Samatulski/Ben Broome (Boys Bowling), Andy Kniffin/McKelvie Jensen (Girls Bowling), Nicholas Murphy/David Young (Wrestling), Mason MacKerchar/Andrew Garren (Baseball), Brandee Ellis/Onalia Sheradin (Softball), Ayden Mowry/Mekhi Mahan (Boys Lacrosse), Hanna Brodmann/Allison Winslow (Girls Lacrosse), Brian Hollister/Maxim Baker (Boys Tennis), David Young/James Tette (Boys Track & Field) and Jaina Doyle/Grace Murphy (Girls Track & Field).

Varsity Club winners included: David Young (Boys Cross Country), Brendan Pinckney (Boys Soccer), Alexia Strong (Fall Cheerleading), Brennan Prather (Football/Baseball), Joddie Decker (Girls Cross Country/Girls Track & Field), Rachel Wheeler (Girls Soccer), Molly Pullen (Girls Tennis), Peter Nicholson (Golf/Boys Basketball), Caitlin Wunder (Volleyball), Cameron Bassage (Boys Bowling), Ashley Sisson (Girls Basketball), Andy Kniffin (Girls Bowling), MacKenzie Chapman (Winter Cheerleading), Ayden Mowry (Wrestling), Jeff Kinyoun (Boys Lacrosse), Brian Hollister (Boys Tennis), Dominic Lafferty (Boys Track & Field), Sydney Hulse (Girls Lacrosse), Kayla Andersen (Softball) and Jade Siegrist (Clay Target Shooting).

Heart Award Winners included: James Tette (Boys Cross Country/Boys Track & Field), Jacob Gleason (Boys Soccer), Camryn Webber (Fall Cheerleading), Mekhi Mahan (Football), Jaina Doyle (Girls Cross Country), Hayley Andersen (Girls Soccer), Claire Pullen (Girls Tennis), Maximilian Brodmann (Golf), Serina Sheradin (Volleyball/Softball), Andrew Garren (Boys Basketball), Trenton Samatulski (Boys Bowling), Joddie Decker (Girls Basketball), Amelia LeVea (Girls Bowling), Madison Flynn (Winter Cheerleading), Mason Petersen (Wrestling), Clark Simmons (Baseball), Chase Blumbergs (Boys Lacrosse), Reid Castner (Boys Tennis/Clay Target Shooting), Allison Winslow (Girls Lacrosse) and Grace Murphy (Girls Track & Field).

Other prominent awards included: Andrew Garren (Edward L. Pond Football Award), Clark Simmons (William R. Crissy Golf Award), Peter Nicholson (Fred Marshall, Jr. Golf Award), Brendan Pinckney (Penn Yan Boys Soccer Alumni Award), Leah Moniot (Sue Gute Spirit Award), Caitlin Wunder (Debra Carroll Patton Volleyball Award), Brennan Prather (Coach Jerry Turner Basketball Award), Connor Harmon/Brandee Ellis (Jane Conley Award), McKelvie Jensen (Finger Lakes USBC Sportsmanship Award), Brian Hollister (Charles Bollen Memorial Scholarship), Brennan Prather (VFW Vic Swanson Memorial Baseball Award), Taylor Hight (Penn Yan Softball Alumni Award), Logan Broome (PYA Girls Lacrosse Alumni Award), Colton Smith (PYA Boys Lacrosse Alumni Award), Colton Smith/Allison Winslow (Cheryl Karweck Poole Memorial Scholarship – Lacrosse), Jaina Doyle (Nora Michelle Bartlett Award in Girls Track), Andrew Burd (Matt Harer Memorial Sportsmanship Award), Peter Nicholson (Fred Marshall Jr. American Legion Award), Camryn Webber (Shirley Trombley Spirit Award), Serina Sheradin/Allison Winslow (Stork Insurance Sportsmanship Award), Kayla Andersen (Kyle Hopkins Outstanding Teammate Award), Hanna Brodmann (Josh Plumlee Memorial Scholarship), Caitlin Wunder (Girls’ Coaches’ Trophy) and Brennan Prather (Boys’ Coaches’ Trophy).

In coaching, Nathan Kraemer received the Finger Lakes League Coach of the Year Award in Girls Tennis and the All Greater Rochester Girls Tennis Coach of the Year. Mindy Johnson received the Finger Lakes League Coach of the Year in Boys Bowling.