Penn Yan 9-year-old's first catch: a whopper

John Christensen

Connor Andersen was the big man of the day July 30 when he was out for his first muskie fishing trip to Waneta Lake with his dad, Jeremy, on the boat of family friend Dan Morse. About two hours into the trip, just as Connor was starting to get bored with the lack of bites and said, “When are we going to catch a muskie?” his reel starting zinging, and Dan yelled, “Right now!” With help from Dan and his dad, Connor landed the biggest muskie any of them had ever caught; 45 1/2 inches, almost as big as Connor is tall!

After a quick measurement and trophy photo, the fish was returned to the lake to grow and perhaps thrill some other angler someday.

Called the fish of 10,000 casts, Connor beat those odds with his muskie catch, which is posted online in Musky Hunter Magazine, and will be featured in the hard copy about a year from now in their “Trophy Tails” section. Connor, his dad, and mom, Katy reside in Penn Yan where Connor is a 5th grader at Penn Yan Elementary.

Dan says he had been trying to get Jeremy out muskie fishing for the last 4 years, but after catching two himself, Jeremy was “hooked.” Now after landing his whopper, Dan is betting Connor is, too. “I had so much fun taking Connor and watching him catch such a huge fish,” says Dan. “Jeremy is extremely proud and excited for his son, just as I would be. It was truly an amazing day on the water none of us will ever forget.”