Area archer gets an Italy Hill bear

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Dan Smart with the bear he took with a bow Oct. 12.

When it comes to bear hunting, there’s no place like home, says Dan Smart.

The Branchport area man had traveled to the north country near Fort Drum with his son and nephews in early October, planning to bring home a bear.

When he returned to his Italy Road home, he was surprised to see evidence of a bear right on his own property. His wife Alvina says when he brought the card from his trail camera in the house Oct. 12 to see what was going on in the local wilderness, he was tickled to see an image of a bear.

He was soon out on the trail with his bow, and brought down the bear, which dressed out to over 200 lbs. at 5 ft. 2 in.

This is the second bear Smart has killed with a bow and arrow.

The Smart’s freezer is now full of fresh meat, and their son will soon have a new bearskin rug, says Alvina.