Guess what, Area 51 aliens. Your special edition Bud Light is still happening. 

Because some memes refuse to die, Bud Light is making a version of its beer paying homage to the Area 51 aliens millions are planning to see on Sept. 20. 

Bud Light is offering free beer to any alien that 'makes it out' of Area 51

Bud Light initially promised the out of this world beer if 51,000 people on Twitter decided it was worth it enough to retweet the brand. The tweet itself didn't make the goal, but Bud Light is pressing on with its alien beer. 

Area 51 Special Edition.

— Bud Light (@budlight)July 17, 2019

Starting Sept. 13, you can get the special alien beer in Nevada, Arizona and California. And if you can't get the beer? Bud Light released some alien-inspired merch as well. 

For the aliens that do manage to escape captivity on Sept. 20, Bud Light is making good on its promise of free beer. The company created an alien-friendly fridge stocked with Bud Light alien cans at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Sept. 13-20. To ensure only an authentic alien can get the beer, Bud Light equipped the fridge with an "alien finger scan." 

Theoretically, this means an escaped Area 51 alien only has a limited amount of time to travel 83 miles to Las Vegas in order to actually get their free beer.

Safe travels, aliens. Enjoy the Las Vegas pit stop on your way home. 

Fridge is stocked. Free beer for any

— Bud Light (@budlight)September 13, 2019